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Bar Services

We now offer our clients a full service catering experience!

Our exclusive beverage division partner is COCKTAILS LLC!



COCKTAILS is a premier Beverage Service company serving clients across New England. We take great pride in our service and treat every occasion as our own. As a full service beverage caterer with over 30 years of experience, our fully insured and TiPS® certified bartenders will help to make your occasion an experience to remember.

Our beverage division, COCKTAILS currently holds a 12C caterers license and a Certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance available at your request. The 12C license gives us the ability to tend to your catering needs and the ability to provide cash bars for many of your events



a la carte pricing depending on guest count

Alcohol on Consignment offers our clients to ability to provide their own alcohol. We assist in placing your order through a service such as Gordon's Fine Wines.


Alcohol is ordered in advance and delivered to your selected location. Any unopened bottles or case can be returned for a credit to your initial purchase. The client pays the beverage company directly for the opened alcohol only and reserves the bartenders through

Calla Catering and Events LLC bar division COCKTAILS!


Hosted bar per person allows our clients to pay a set price for the number of serving hours for your event (ranging from 2-5 hours)! This is a quick and easy option to provide bar services to your guests.


We offer a few packages including: full bar, beer and wine only or the option to add 1-2 signature drinks.


We bring all the alcohol, beer, wine, mixers, soft drinks, garnishes and ice in addition to the items included in our basic bar - items depend on the package we feel

is the best fit for your event.

Additional costs will apply to wine pour and champagne toast added to a hosted per person bar package.


Cash Bar allows clients to offer a full service option to their guests, while guests being able to pay cash or credit/debit card for their beverages. The client will pay a per person cash bar package that includes the bartenders, liquor liability insurance and set-up fee, and the guests pay for their drinks on their own.

Full Service Cash Bar Includes: Whiskey, Scotch, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Sweet or Dry Vermouth, Beer, Wine, Champagne, Specialty Drinks, Non- alcoholic beverages (different brand options available per package)


Beer & Wine Only: Select 3-4 types of beer & 3-4 types of wine - 2 red / 2 white or sparking (depending on your guest count)

Please inquire about adding a wine pour or champagne toast.




We will add this service to your proposal for a small fee for a wine pour if the wine is provided by the client / on the beverage order for a consumption bar.

Our bartenders and TIPS certified servers work together to offer your guests a glass of wine served with dinner. You can provide your own specialty wine or include the wine on your consignment order.


We suggest 1 Red and 1 White Wine to be served table side

either during your salad course or during buffet dinner service.

Wine glasses are an additional rental item.​



We will add this service to your proposal for a small fee for a toast if champagne is provided by the client / on the beverage order for a consumption bar.

Similar to a wine pour, our bartenders and TIPS certified catering servers work together to offer your guests a glass of champagne served with table side or hand passed at your selected time during your event. You can provide your own specialty champagne, prosecco or sparkling cider or include on your consignment order.

Champagne glasses are an additional rental item.

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